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The Occupational Therapy service enables children and young people to participate as fully as possible in activities as part of their daily lives. We work with children and young people who have difficulties or a disability which impacts upon their daily participation in activities. Occupational Therapists (OT’s) help children and young people to carry out activities they need or want to do in areas of self care, school work and play. If a child or young person has learning, sensory or physical difficulties, their ability to grow, learn, socialise and play can be compromised.

Our service works with a variety of children and young people between the ages of 0-19 years who have specific difficulties in participating in or completing daily activities.

Early Years

This area is for all people involved with supporting children and young people who are aged 0-5 years. The purpose of this area is to provide you with a variety of helpful information and resources.

School Age 4-19 years

We have provided some information for parents, carers and children agaed 4-19 years. This includes a few of the most common diagnoses and difficulties that children and young people referred to Occupational Therapy may have. The service provided is not based on a diagnosis, but the child/young person’s occupational need.

Parent/Carer Support Sessions

Our team provide regular parent workshops on 2 topics, Understanding your Childs Sensory Needs and Activities of Daily Living. Depending on your child’s needs and the information on the referral, you may be invited to attend both sessions. These are currently taking place virtually.