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Your child may be referred to our service for assessment and provision of specialist equipment. This can include postural seating, bathing equipment, manual handling to support your child to access activities of daily living.

Please note; our service do not provide major adaptations inside or outdoors to your property, we are also not able to support with housing and therefore, you will need to make a referral to Social Service Occupational Therapy (Coventry City Council).

If it is identified that your child requires equipment, a qualified member of the Occupational Therapy team will arrange a visit (at home, nursery, school or in clinic) to assess your child’s needs. This may also be attended by representatives from equipment companies or other relevant professionals involved in your child’s care e.g. Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Children’s Nurses.

We assess for postural seating for use at home and school. Once an assessment has been completed, as therapists, we complete clinical reasoning which is then submitted to a panel to be determined if this has been approved. We aim to keep you up to date as much as possible throughout the process. Where possible, we recycle equipment and therefore, you may receive recycled equipment for your child to use. This is deep cleaned before issuing by the equipment stores.

We are unable to provide toileting equipment and slings to schools and nurseries. Education services are also expected to fund any equipment and reasonable adjustments required in order for your child to access their provision (up to the value £250 – need to check this before it goes on the website)

Equipment reviews – Once your child has been issued with any piece of equipment from our service, you will receive an equipment issue for with contact details and advice on your equipment.

If your child’s equipment is broken or concerns regarding maintenance you will need to contact the Integrated Community Equipment Services on 024 76 785353 to arrange a repair/maintenance.

If you have concerns regarding the use of the equipment or if your child has outgrown the equipment, please contact the OT department on 024 76 961455 and a review can be arranged.

For smaller pieces of equipment a review may be completed by one of our Occupational Therapy Assistants (e.g. bath steps, bath boards, low level postural seating).

As a service, we review your child’s equipment annually or sooner if clinically indicated.